The Law of Mind by which Physical Results Come

We are the embodiment of what we think. A treatment is a definite movement of thought in a specific direction, to accomplish a specific result by reflecting itself in material form. Each and every individual possesses the ability to heal.

Here is the way illness often develops: A person begins to experience physical distress, He recalls a friend who had similar symptoms and who became seriously ill or perhaps died. His fear begins to rise. Soon he is caught up in a highly emotional state. The picture becomes increasingly menacing and reflects itself in more painful, actual physical symptoms.

Now is the time for him to use the correct spiritual method of healing. He must immediately check the rising emotion and turn to his spiritual perfection, knowing that the thought is the inner reality and the symptoms are only the shadows thrown by that thought.

His changed mental picture now begins to assert itself and, held unwaveringly, it ultimately becomes form. His mind has healed him. This is exactly the process I used and it is working for me. It might be asked here whether the practitioner does not use a subtle form of suggestion. To this we might answer that the patient merely imagined he had the disorder, and the practitioner merely imagined he was made well, then the whole procedure would be a kind of an unreal, dream experience. There must be some law by which physical results are induced in the patient by the practitioner.

The Law of Mind By Which Physical Results Come

Bailes briefly states this Law as follows: The mental image is the reality, and outer form is merely the projection of this reality. Since the mind is older than the body, it has created body. In fact, it is continuously re-creating the human body – single cell at a time. Scientists now tell us that ninety-eight per cent of the body is completely replaced every year. The mind, however, remains continuous recalling childhood experiences seventy, eighty, a hundred years later.

Mind, then must be the cause of the body, and the body the effect. Mind must be the substance, and the body the shadow. The shadow is always determined by the character of the substance; therefore, the bodily conditions that follow a treatment are of necessity a duplication of the mental conviction held first by the practitioner, and sooner or later accepted by the patient.

If you are treating yourself, both the awareness and the acceptance of perfection must, of course, come from within.

By understanding the power and scope of the Law of Mind, we come to the realization of a source of energy that is infinite. Everyone has access to this healing power. The gift of healing is not granted to any particular individual. It’s based solely upon something far greater than any man or woman. It is of Cosmic Intelligence dedicated to our use and guided by our direction.





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