Points for Special Consideration III

To become more aware of the Universal Healing Principle and further discover our true nature, think through the following fundamental ideas:

A Healing Principle, operating independent of any medication by man, exists in the universe.

The Healing Principle is the Infinite Intelligence, the Mind of God, which saturates every particle of matter in the universe.

Man’s mind is one with that of the Infinite Thinker.

Man’s healing comes as he becomes aware of the activity of the Infinite Thinker within him, and puts himself in line with it.

Man has the power to choose to turn his thoughts outward to his experiences of limitation or inward to the unchanging perfection at the center of his being.

If man keeps his mind turned in to the Spiritual Center, its perfection will flow out into his body and affairs.

To Infinite Intelligence, there is not “big” or “little,” “hard” or “easy,” “curable” or incurable.”


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