Most Marvelous Machine Ever Built

The greatest difficulty encountered by the person stepping over into the field of mental and spiritual healing is lack of confidence. You believe in it, see people who seem to have plenty of faith in it, yet remain skeptical and unable to work up a string of faith in it yourself.

What Faith Is Not and What it Rests On

Faith is not an emotional state that one “works up.” It is not something like air that we pump into a tire and carry around. Faith does not lie in the feeling that we develop.

Faith always rests upon its object, and when that object is strong enough, there is no question of faith. Faith naturally follows knowledge. We first get the knowledge then we become aware that we already have the faith; it came of its own accord when it found a substantial enough object upon which to rest.

Faith is not built upon uncertainty or revelation. We do not have to accept any sacred writings. The finest builder of faith that we shall ever see is right before our eyes.

Most Marvelous Machine Ever Built

The human body is the greatest example of the working of Infinite Intelligence that the world has ever seen. Properly understood, its workings and activities will provide the basis for a faith that will make anyone a healer of himself and others.

The human body is the most marvelous machine ever built. It is greater than the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, more complex than the most intricate machine ever devised by man. It stands as a living tribute to the operation of Mind, for here, where we can watch it, is the clear-cut evidence of Infinite Intelligence and the way it works.

A Plan, therefore a Planner: We can see a definite, fixed Plan from the moment of conception until the last breath is drawn, It is as though an engineer sat down with complete blueprints and constructed, piece by piece, the several thousand parts of a machine, assemble them, and start it running, with this added wonder, that this human machine is started running before it is completed, and builds as it run.

Rebuilding, Repair; Defense, Protection

And it is not reasonable to suppose that Mind then loses all interest in the complicated organism it has built. It dwells within it and uses it as a vehicle for its activities. We do not have to plead with it to heal; it actually wants a fit vehicle.

This Intelligence whose work we watch in the body is the same Mind that knows perfectly how to heal the structure it has built. It knew how to build those cells out of nothing; it certainly knows how to build new cells when something has happened to sicken the old ones. Our part is to co-operate with it in the quality of our thought.

The need for man’s co-operation: We must always remember that this thought activity, while highly intelligent, able to build any structure perfectly, is nonreasoning Intelligence, It knows the mechanics of building cells, but it must always follow a plan. It will follow a disease pattern as quickly as it will follow a health pattern.

Thus the person whose thought-life is characterized by destructive thought — with its fears, hates, grudges, envies, with its discussion of, and absorptions in, sickness and sadness — is creating a thought pattern that the ceaseless activity of mind fabricates into illness forms — quite impersonally but non the less certainly.

Our privilege is to take definite steps to change that underlying thought-pattern into one of health, love, peace and happiness. This done, Mind follows that pattern, and the resultant happiness and health are not a miracle, but the plain working of Universal Law.

Form follows thought; our bodies take que from the thought patterns we continuously feed it. Negative thoughts create negative physical experiences; positive thoughts create positive physical experiences. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. Test it for yourself. Change your thought patterns for 7 days. Be diligent. Experience the change for yourself.



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