Incurable Illness or Incurable Person – Which One Are You?

Doctors boasts of their knowledge, and have every right to. They have made great strides in their acquisition of knowledge of the body. But at best, they are far from knowing the answer to the problem of Life. They haven’t the faintest idea how to build one new cell in a cut, but a greater Intelligence does and does so quickly.

Therefore, when a Doctor says that a condition is incurable, he talks from his own limited knowledge. In mental-spiritual treatment, we have gone further, relying upon that great Cosmic Intelligence when directed by the person who understands the Law by which it operates.

We say, therefore, that there are no incurable illnesses but there are incurable people. Those who insist that “now the doctors have done everything; it is of no use trying anything else” are incurable people. Those who give mental acceptance to the truth that with God (Mind) all things are possible are curable people.

Mind performs a seeming miracle in the repair of a broken bone. All that man can do here is to perform certain mechanical actions. The physician’s knowledge is invaluable in setting the broken ends of the bone and providing support with a splint or cast, but this is where he must stop. He knows, and is very frank in admitting, that man has not as yet acquired the knowledge of repair necessary to grow the bone together. But see how Intelligence comes to the rescue.

When a bone is fractured by a blow, the bruising of tissue draws blood to the spot so that selling takes place. With this influx of blood, curative and repair material is carried rapidly to the seat of the injury. While this is happening, the torn muscle fibers begin to change into cartilage, which is the forerunner of bone. Mind thus gets ready to hurry up the process of building new bone cells from the materials on hand.

A kind of cement is poured out to weld the broken ends together after the doctor has set the ends in line. Then as the patient keeps the limb at rest, Intelligence builds brand-new material into position, and soon the limb is better than before.

If Infinite Intelligence can do this, it can do anything we want it to do. Besides, it does all this silently, easily, effortlessly, and without any fuss.

The Power flowing into a sick body can heal any condition, but man becomes panicky. Mind is always sure of itself. Mind knows how to repair anything that goes wrong in the body. It knows how to build any kind of cell, heal any kind of wound or illness, without effort or strain.

All these varied activities that are called into play, all this Intelligence that knows exactly what to do and how to do it, have been used to build this universe, to maintain and regulate it, to keep life on it, to carry on repair from time immemorial; yet that Power and Intelligence have not diminished nor weekend nor been depleted by a fraction. They are all about us and within us at this moment, ready to flow silently into motion on our behalf as soon as we stop obstructing that flow by our own mental barricades.

Those mental barricades are doubt, fear, disbelief, negative thoughts, and negative self talk.



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