Points For Special Consideration IV

How to Build Strong Faith

If you want to build a strong faith in the Intelligence that built your body and you are ready to heal it, then you must co-operate with that Intelligence. Think through the following from every point of view, and govern your thinking accordingly:

The human body is the greatest example of the working of Infinite Intelligence that the world has ever seen.

Infinite Intelligence has built a body that is planned and intended to be a thing of joy.

Having built the body in the first place, Mind knows how to repair anything that goes wrong with it.

The Healing Power is within us at this moment, ready to flow silently into motion as soon as we stop obstructing that flow by our own mental barricades.

The person who wishes to have Intelligence co-operate with him must co-operate with Intelligence.

The Intelligence that built the body has infinite knowledge of the way to heal, and infinite willingness to do so, so that we can rely implicitly upon the flow of eternal Wisdom into and through our bodies when we get out of its way and stop hindering it.


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