Disordered Mental States Produce Sickness

Intelligence created the body with the intention of it always functioning perfectly. Sickness is our interference with this intention. Intelligence always contemplates the body as being in a perfect state, and works tirelessly to obliterate anything that would threaten the harmonious life of the body and each individual cell.

Health is nothing more than harmonious interrelation of every part of the body; Sickness is merely the breaking of this harmony.

Rhythm of the Universe

Just look around and you will see the rhythm of the universe. Notice the stars come nightly to the sky; the sun appears every morning and pursues its quiet course toward the west in rhythmic sequence; the moon shows her face with rhythmic regularity; that the birds mate seasonally; that the earth becomes fruitful and gives crops with regularity; the tides ebb and flow according to a pre-ordained rhythm, and so on.

Our heartbeat and our breathing partake of this same rhythm; that physical functions in men and women have a certain periodicity, a cyclical regularity.

Rhythm in Our Thought Life

It is imperative that we grasp this same rhythmic truth in our thought life; it is key to our mental, emotional and physical health. It is universal truth that love is rhythm, while hate is discord; generosity is rhythm, while selfishness is discord; trust is rhythm, jealousy is discord; hope is rhythm, despair is discord, faith is rhythm, fear is discord; honesty is rhythm, deceit is discord.

Thus, as long as we hold our mental states in tune with the rhythm of the universe, our well-being is assured. When we allow discord in our thought-life, our well-being is lost.

The reason for this is that we are dealing with a Universal Intelligence, whose laws we learn through observation. Seeing the Intelligence of the Universe and the harmony in which it operates, if we wish to have Intelligence operate within us, then we co-operate with Intelligence. Disordered mental states produce sickness because they break into, and run counter to, an eternally established Law of Universal Harmony.



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