A Lesson in the Healing Power of Thought – Dr. Emoto

Dr. Emoto gave a huge gift to us with his study of how music and thought effect the molecular structure of water hence our bodies. What I share on my blog post may have a spiritual slant to it because my faith is strong and it is healing my body of crippling chronic pain, of which Doctors over a 6 year period told me I would be crippled for life.
Well, 6 months ago true healing began when I changed the messages I was sending to my body via a negative thought pattern that I allowed to hi-jack my mind. I will begin sharing the science behind my new found “spiritual” cure in the near future. This is a great start. But truly it’s been around since and before the days of Jesus. There is nothing new under the sun my friends!! Thank you Dr. Emoto.
Begin to heal yourself and your loved ones one thought at a time.
The following link gives visual effects of what positive and negative thoughts and sounds do to water. Remember that our bodies are 60% – 70% water!

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