Victory and Defeat are all around us. Some stride confidently from day to day, piling success upon success and one happy moment upon another. They seem to be endowed with some special force. While others drag themselves through each twenty-four hours as if life itselt were a burden and more troubles were tomorrow’s only expectation.

How much longer will you ignore the Law that makes this startling difference among people?

All people are the same – the difference is in the use of our God given Creative Law. A law available to each and everyone of us. It is the use of this great Law, whether it is a conscious or unconscious choice, that brings to our world all the health, prosperity, and peace of mind that we want.

This blog explains the Creative Law and supplies the methods for putting it into operation. It operates without deviation. It is always creating something, with or without your consent. It creates bad things and it creates good things; illness and health, happiness and unhappiness, success and failure. The key is to realize and accept that we each set the direction of our experience.

At age 47 I was struck with acute, crippling pain. Professionals told me I would be like this for life and that I would most likely die early due to complications with prescription pain medications. I barely moved my body for 3 years; the pain was so intense. This is not my story anymore.

I have been a student of Spiritual Psychology for 20 years yet, I was still suffering from crippling pain. I was missing something, but what? I would not buy into this being God’s will for me. Through desperation and trust I was led to a healing process that healed me of this affliction –  chronic pain. Within 2 months I was 50% better, another 4 weeks and I felt I had my life back. I was able to go out with friends, dates, things I hadn’t been able to do in 6 years.

I am learning that the very same healing principles of the Creative Law have and will continue to heal my life daily – mind, body and spirit. What a gift!

The guidelines that I followed and continue to implement into my daily life – you will find written in this blog. Start from the beginning and believe what you are reading. It is the truth – Read the following Day 1 Post for a better understanding.


Day 1 – Introduction

And one last thing – read the following prayer daily and accept it as your truth:

A Prayer for Expectancy for Good – Use Daily


So let’s get started. I am available via email at acimjulian@gmail.com to assist you in any way possible.


Angela Julian




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