I Would Not Have Believed It Had It Not Happened To Me

I went out on a limb, an act of faith - when I began this healing treatment. First you must remember, I had exhausted ALL options. My pain was as bad as ever and all the medication was literally killing me. I WANTED to die because I couldn't live that life any longer. As I … Continue reading I Would Not Have Believed It Had It Not Happened To Me


God is not Denominational – but we may find Him there!

We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that bodily conditions are the reflection of mental states, and can be changed without the intervention of material means simply through changed thought. Changed thought brings changed physical activity. Bailes approaches this healing process with the assumption that it is a spiritual science. He has observed that most healing … Continue reading God is not Denominational – but we may find Him there!

The Power of Thought

Limitations and illness are not things but are the result of restricted ways of thinking. We are surrounded by a Subjective Intelligence that receives and imprints our thoughts and acts upon them. This Intelligence is a natural Law in the Mental World and the simple fact is that It Is, and we may consciously use … Continue reading The Power of Thought

Mental and Physical Healing

We are primarily thinkers but who hears the voice of the thinker? I am recognizing that my mental world is governed by law just as truly as my physical world is and the proper use of Mental Law multiplies my mental and spiritual comfort. I am finding that millions of individuals are increasing their mastery in living, in deliverance … Continue reading Mental and Physical Healing

Universal Mind – Impersonal Law

If you have come this far in reading my blog than you have learned that God does not give us illness, punishment, or judgement in any of our affairs. God or Universal Mind is entirely neutral. It has no personal desire; it works through an impersonal Law. It is directed into action by our spoken … Continue reading Universal Mind – Impersonal Law

Evidence of Thought Creating Form

This first example I think we have all experienced at some point in our lives. For me, I was in a boat with my sister; she was eating an orange and I was drinking a coke. As I watched her eat the orange my coke began to taste like the orange and I couldn't finish … Continue reading Evidence of Thought Creating Form

Did You Know You Think With Your Whole Body?

How can it be that our mind has the power to influence bodily states, even going so far as to develop actual disease conditions? Man thinks with his whole body. Every separate tiny cell is an infinitesimal spark of Mind. There is not a single point in the entire universe that is not indwelt by Mind; … Continue reading Did You Know You Think With Your Whole Body?