Points for Special Consideration III

To become more aware of the Universal Healing Principle and further discover our true nature, think through the following fundamental ideas: A Healing Principle, operating independent of any medication¬†by man, exists in the universe. The Healing Principle is the Infinite Intelligence, the Mind of God, which saturates every particle of matter in the universe. Man's … Continue reading Points for Special Consideration III


Points of Consideration II

Man's body is one with the Body of God. It is a sacred temple in which Spirit dwells. Man's subconscious, or subjective, mind is one with Universal Subjective Mind. It has access to limitless Intelligence and Power to heal. Man's conscious, or objective, mind is one with Goad as Spirit. ¬†It has the power to … Continue reading Points of Consideration II

Points of Consideration I

If you want to discover your true nature and begin to make practical application of what you have learned, think through each idea below carefully, and govern your thoughts accordingly.   Man lives in his inner consciousness, not out in the outer world. Superficial physical changes can be observed following changes in mental states. Scientific … Continue reading Points of Consideration I