A Lesson in the Healing Power of Thought – Dr. Emoto

Dr. Emoto gave a huge gift to us with his study of how music and thought effect the molecular structure of water hence our bodies. What I share on my blog post may have a spiritual slant to it because my faith is strong and it is healing my body of crippling chronic pain, of … Continue reading A Lesson in the Healing Power of Thought – Dr. Emoto


Disordered Mental States Produce Sickness

Intelligence created the body with the intention of it always functioning perfectly. Sickness is our interference with this intention. Intelligence always contemplates the body as being in a perfect state, and works tirelessly to obliterate anything that would threaten the harmonious life of the body and each individual cell. Health is nothing more than harmonious … Continue reading Disordered Mental States Produce Sickness

Points For Special Consideration IV

How to Build Strong Faith If you want to build a strong faith in the Intelligence that built your body and you are ready to heal it, then you must co-operate with that Intelligence. Think through the following from every point of view, and govern your thinking accordingly: The human body is the greatest example of the … Continue reading Points For Special Consideration IV

Points for Special Consideration III

To become more aware of the Universal Healing Principle and further discover our true nature, think through the following fundamental ideas: A Healing Principle, operating independent of any medication by man, exists in the universe. The Healing Principle is the Infinite Intelligence, the Mind of God, which saturates every particle of matter in the universe. Man's … Continue reading Points for Special Consideration III

The Teaching and Healing Method of Jesus – Part 1

The teaching and healing method of Jesus:  Jesus, the Carpenter of Galilee brought a new message of healing to the world. --inner cause:  He declared that all sickness is the result of disturbed inner mental states. He taught that when these mental states are corrected, the physical illness state will disappear. In the practice of psychosomatic … Continue reading The Teaching and Healing Method of Jesus – Part 1

The Power of God Lies Beneath All Systems of Healing

What is the underlying Infinite Intelligence that allows so many different forms of healing to take place? Is it not strange that the four schools of healing: Allopathy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic; should all get excellent results from their diverse systems of treatment? We must go beyond the specific system to find the real cause of healing. Dr. … Continue reading The Power of God Lies Beneath All Systems of Healing

Points of Consideration II

Man's body is one with the Body of God. It is a sacred temple in which Spirit dwells. Man's subconscious, or subjective, mind is one with Universal Subjective Mind. It has access to limitless Intelligence and Power to heal. Man's conscious, or objective, mind is one with Goad as Spirit.  It has the power to … Continue reading Points of Consideration II