A Lesson in the Healing Power of Thought – Dr. Emoto

Dr. Emoto gave a huge gift to us with his study of how music and thought effect the molecular structure of water hence our bodies. What I share on my blog post may have a spiritual slant to it because my faith is strong and it is healing my body of crippling chronic pain, of … Continue reading A Lesson in the Healing Power of Thought – Dr. Emoto


The Power of Thought

Limitations and illness are not things but are the result of restricted ways of thinking. We are surrounded by a Subjective Intelligence that receives and imprints our thoughts and acts upon them. This Intelligence is a natural Law in the Mental World and the simple fact is that It Is, and we may consciously use … Continue reading The Power of Thought

Your Mind Can Heal You

The real cause of sickness is found in tangled emotions, in the fears and anxieties, the jealousies and envies, the frustrations and bafflements, engendered by our attempts to achieve happiness and to meet the demands of our lives. The fact is that illness is not so much an outward physical manifestation as it is an underlying mental … Continue reading Your Mind Can Heal You

The Feeling of Unworthiness and Finding a Partner

The belief in rejection is coupled with an inexplicable feeling of unworthiness. Unless it is healed, you marry beneath your level, or are unreasonably jealous and in constant fear of losing the one you love. When a certain level of fear is reached, reasonable or not, the jealousy in and of itself can be sufficient … Continue reading The Feeling of Unworthiness and Finding a Partner

Parent Thoughts – Quick Reference

ALL OF LIFE'S ILLS COME FROM PARENT THOUGHTS They are the basic beliefs that dominate your life, whether you are aware of them or not. There is no use battling the illnesses or the troubles themselves, for when the present ones are gone the PARENT THOUGHTS will produce more. YOU MUST CULTIVATE MASTER THOUGHTS They … Continue reading Parent Thoughts – Quick Reference

How a Parent Thought Works – Parent Thought of Irritation

Example: "Mr. Bludgin had never feared or expected ulcers, but he had nurtured a prolific parent thought of irritation. He was an impatient man, a driver, an explosive fellow. Physical treatment of a physical ulcer would have only been an attempt to destroy the baby. This is why such conditions often stubbornly resist even the most skillful … Continue reading How a Parent Thought Works – Parent Thought of Irritation

The Theory of Parent Thoughts

Bailes states that we, the human race, are basically wired with a set of half-dozen or more basic beliefs that are buried so deeply in our minds that the average person never recognizes them. Yet they are in every one of us, saint and sinner alike. These beliefs are molds in which our futures are … Continue reading The Theory of Parent Thoughts